Tuesday, September 7, 2010

House pics

We finally signed for our house yesterday, it has taken more than two weeks to finalize the contract. Last week we hired a guy to check the entire building from cellar to roof top (the "bouwtechnische keuring" for our Dutch friends). The only distressing finding was a (small) leak in the roof but the owners will have to repair that before we get the keys. Apart from that all other repairs the man advised were regular maintenance and can be done over time. Of course a house 80 years old always has some maintenance to be taken care off!
Why buy such an old house? Because we love the atmosphere in houses like that. Of course for Dutch standards this house is not very very old, lots of inner city houses are built around 1900. There is a lot of knowledge and craftmanship around to take care of them. Only find the right people! We can probably do some paint jobs ourselves, repair some wooden floors etc. Just enough to be able to move in our furniture. Next year we want to do some more maintenance, knock down a wall and built a new kitchen.
We hope to get the keys by the end of next week, worst case scenario October 1st.
First bookings for our guest room(s) are accepted from now on!!

Here are some pictures of our house, the furniture is from the current owners and is gone now, of course. Lovely eh!

And this is the link for Google, activate street view to take a peek: Google street view


Annette said...

Zo, dat ziet er leuk uit zeg... Is het in Den Haag?
Zijn jullie al een beetje gewend aan de kleinere huizen?

Groeten Rob en Annette

Liesbeth said...

@Annette: Het is in Schiedam, Sander is van daaruit sneller in Rijswijk dan vanuit nu in Den Haag. Het is in een mooie jaren-30 wijk net ten zuiden van het centrum(pje). We hebben er zin in!

Ton said...

Zet de jenever maar vast koud.
Nogmaals gefeliciteerd met de nieuwe plek om wortel te schieten.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely place! You are going to enjoy it very much. Is it close to shopping and work? Close enough to bicycle and run fun places?

Peter & Judith said...

Dat ziet er goed uit! Prachtig hoor, die huizen met karakter. Zijn jullie ondertussen al gesettled in jullie nieuwe huis?

Groetjes Peter & Judith

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