Monday, September 13, 2010

Ready for my first half marathon?

In Calgary I started doing slow long runs in January and February with Sarah. We did 10, 11 and 13 km runs, each two or three weeks apart. I had never run more than 12 kilometers ever in my life, so it felt great to accomplish this. But I had to admit that the combination of the long runs with the last Calgary Road Runners XC runs of 8 km hilly, slippery or snowy terrain was a bit too much. My muscles started to ache too much.
However, Sander and I took up the long runs after the end of XC season. We managed to do a couple of 10-1 runs varying from 10 to 14 kilometers. Our last run in Calgary was on June 13th, a very hot day, it was about 13 km along the Bow river from city centre to the weir and back. In the Netherlands we started with a 10 km race, picked up interval training again and used some dunes and tiny tiny short hills for our "hill training". During these past three months I did runs of 13, 14, 16, 10, 18, 15, 12 and 21 km's, Sander joined me on most of them. One and a half week ago we ran 21 km in 10/1's, so I know I can handle the half marathon distance. My Polar footpod may be a little bit off, the distance took 2 h and 26 min, better than I expected. Of course some muscle aches afterwards, but no ankle or achilles pains like I would have had a year ago.
Overall, I think I am ready for the race, it's in 3 weeks time, October 3th. It is nice to know I have already run the distance once, but on the other hand I think I am starting to underestimate the distance a little bit now. I still have to decide on a race strategy, should I stick with 10/1's, try 15/1's, just start running and only walk where the water stations are? Before the test run I had imagined it would take me 2h and 45 min to do the half marathon distance in my slow training pace and just finishing a half marathon was my goal. With 2h26min clocked I suddenly start thinking about the time I want to do now, very very bold, I admit. So, here it is: my goal is 2h and 20 min, and with 2h 15 min I would be extatic!! Ayy, now I'll have to live up to it ....
Well, two more training runs this week and then I can start to taper. I love tapering!!


Chantal said...

Hi Liesbeth en Sander
Geweldig leuk blog hebben jullie!
Hartelijke groet vanuit Salmon Arm en alvast een mooi oudjaar,

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